Electronics Recycling & Document Shredding

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This years event was held on October 15, 2016

Shredding imageThe Richardson Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (RCPAAA) held an electronics recycling and document shredding event Oct. 15 in the City Hall/Civic Center south parking lot at 411 W. Arapaho Rd.  Residents approached the area by going south on the Central Expressway service road and turning right (west) on Belle Grove Drive, toward the post office. Then turned right (north) on Civic Center Drive.

Acceptable electronics for recycling included:

Personal and Home Electronics— 

phones, GPS devices, calculators, MP3 players, PDAs, radios, cable/satellite receivers, VCRs, DVD player/recorders, remote controls,speakers, digital and NON-disposable film cameras, etc.  CRT TVs or computer monitors CANNOT be accepted. Flat screen monitors and televisions are OK.

Home Office Equipment— desktop computers, speakers, printers, inkjet/laser cartridges, keyboards/mice, routers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, shredders, typewriters, etc.

Automobile Electronics— radios, DVD players, speakers, etc. NO Hazardous waste items will be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, batteries, paint, cleaners and fluorescent bulbs. You may visit the Richardson website at www.cor.net/hhw for more information on hazardous waste disposal.  

Personal shredding was limited to what could fit into a car. Documents were destroyed on site, safely and securely by a commercial shredding company. There was no charge to drop off your unwanted electronic items and personal shredding for recycling, but donations were encouraged for the RCPAAA, a 501(c)(3) tax deductible charitable organization. Donations are used to provide general support to the Richardson Police Department employees, their families and provide college scholarships for their children. Residents were asked to please be generous as this event, offered twice a year, is the only fundraising event for the RCPAAA. These events are intended for the disposal of household electronics and shredding. Prior to accepting commercial quantities, a fair donation was agreed upon. For shredding, the charge was $4 per file storage box or equivalent. Any questions may be addressed to Bill Zeigler at 214-886-5634 or bdz75080@gmail.com.