The Richardson Police Department is currently hiring for:
Public Safety Telecommunicator (9-1-1 Dispatcher)
Lateral Transfer Public Safety Telecommunicator (9-1-1 Dispatcher)                                                                                         Part-Time 9-1-1- Call Taker
Apprentice Police Officer (academy recruit)
Lateral Transfer Police Officer

Salary Increase:
Effective 10/01/2019, salaries have increased for Public Safety Telecommunicator, Lateral Entry Public Safety Telecommunicator, Apprentice Police Officer and Lateral Entry Police Officer.

Ongoing Testing:
The Richardson Police Department offers an ongoing test option for police officer applicants. It is now possible to apply for the position of Apprentice Police Officer and Lateral Entry Police Officer and take the civil service exam when it's convenient for you, no more waiting for the next scheduled test date.

Application Process:
When you have decided you are ready to apply, please visit the City of Richardson's Human Resources webpage. A recruiter will contact you in 2-3 business days after receiving your application. Please do not submit a resume, it is not needed for the position of Public Safety Telecommunicator or Apprentice Police Officer.

Internship Opportunities:
The Richardson Police Department offers non-paying internships during Fall and Spring semesters to university students majoring in Criminology, Criminal Justice or a field closely related to law enforcement. Click here to learn more about our internship program.


Training with the Richardson Police Department SWAT Team courtesy of Channel 5, NBC News


Recruiting Video


Police Academy - Chapter 1


Police Academy - Chapter 2

Police Academy - Chapter 3


 Ongoing Testing Video


Dispatcher Video