Lateral Entry Program - Police Officer

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Applicants with prior law enforcement experience may be eligible for lateral entry. Lateral entry eligibility is based on law enforcement experience prior to the date of employment with the City of Richardson. 


  • At most recent agency, minimum of two years continuous law enforcement experience as a peace officer relevant to municipal policing
  • Break in service of no more than 12 months prior to the date of application
  • The Chief of Police will review training and experience on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility for the Lateral Entry Program

Certified Texas Officers
Police Officers who qualify for the Lateral Entry Program will complete the RPD mini-academy (two weeks) as well as Field Training.

  • Must possess a valid Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Peace Officer License
 Texas TCOLE Certified Experienced Officers
START $74,184 (STEP C)
1 YEAR $77,880 (STEP D)
2 YEARS $81,828 (STEP E)
3 YEARS $84,276 (STEP F)

Out-of-State Officers
Police Officers who qualify for the out-of-state Lateral Entry Program will:

  • Attend the Basic Police Academy at the Plano-Richardson Police Academy and will obtain a TCOLE Peace Officer license upon graduation
  • Attend the RPD mini-academy
  • Complete Field Training
 Out-of-State Experienced Officers 
       START  $70,632 (STEP B)
      1 YEAR  $74,184 (STEP C)
   2 YEARS  $77,880 (STEP D)
   3 YEARS  $81,828 (STEP E)
   4 YEARS  $84,276 (STEP F)

Accelerated Pay Scale
Officers must successfully complete a six month probationary period. Step increases after that point, as high as top pay, are considered annually and are based on merit. 

How To Apply For Lateral Entry
Apply online using the Apprentice Police Officer job posting and you will then be contacted to complete the process as a lateral entry. 

For more information contact a recruiter at 972-744-4845 or

Recruiting Brochure