Police Officer Responsibilities

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The Patrol Division is comprised of officers responsible for Patrol and Traffic Management related functions. Patrol officers are the first responders for citizen requests for assistance and are motivated toward prevention and minimization of harm. The city is divided into four Sectors with the 10 and 30 Sectors comprising the west portions of the city and the 20 and 40 Sectors being the east portions of the city. 

Each shift works within a “Sector Team” that is comprised of Patrol Officers, Detectives, Crime Prevention Officers and School Resource Officers. These teams are dedicated to solving specific crime, disorder and traffic related problems that occur 24/7. This combination of specialized resources working together in preventing and solving problems, citizens and visitors of the City of Richardson can feel confident and safe anytime while at home, work or engaging in recreational activities.

The Traffic and K-9 units work within the Patrol Division and they are primarily deployed to address specific concerns while the Bike Unit and Crash Investigation Team are secondary assignments that several patrol officers participate in.

The Patrol Division is committed to partnering with the community to solve problems, protect life and property, and safeguard individual liberties by serving with professionalism and integrity.


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