Concept 2 Rower PT Test

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*Beginning Tuesday, 10/01/2019, applicants will be required to achieve 40% or better to pass the Concept 2 Rower machine test*


Minimum Requirements

To successfully pass the Concept 2 Rower test, an applicant is required to complete the 2,000 meter row and achieve a minimum score of 40%, with the difficulty level set to "5". The passing score is determined based on your gender, age and weight. All row tests will be administered by a certified tester. To determine your minimum standard for a passing 40%, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website and follow the steps below:

- select your gender and age range then type in your weight

- under the "Desired Results" section, type in "40"

- click "Calculate"

- you must achieve that time or faster to pass the Concept 2 Rower test.


Training for the 2000 meter row

Proper technique and instructions

Common Errors


Row Machine Practice Test

The practice row/familiarization is temporarily suspended until further notice.