K-9 Unit

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K9 Officer Photo Wendling K9 Photo

The Richardson Police Department K-9 Unit is comprised of two Police K-9 Teams. 

These teams are active in narcotics interdiction and assist with building/area searching and suspect apprehension. 

Each K-9 Officer is assigned a specially outfitted Chevrolet Tahoe. These vehicles are equipped with a mobile data computer, front and rear speed detection radar, and storage boxes for gear needed for the deployment and training of the K-9’s. The most important piece of equipment in the K-9 Tahoe however is the climate control and safety system that protects the K-9’s against possible heat exposure. The system is designed to alert the K-9 Officer while he is away from the vehicle should the temperature get too hot within the vehicle due to mechanical or human error. The system first alerts the officer via a special pager should the temperature rise too high. It then will activate the horn on the vehicle and cause the headlights to flash, in addition to activating a fan in the kennel area of the vehicle.