Police Reserves

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If you have at least one year of prior law enforcement experience, and would like to become a Reserve Police Officer, begin by filling out an application.  

Richardson Police Reserves offers you a unique volunteer opportunity to perform a vital public service for your community. With appropriate training, you'll serve right beside Richardson's regular Police Department Personnel.

Who are Reserve Police Officers?
People just like you. Committed and concerned citizens willing to take on the challenging responsibilities of a Richardson Police Officer. Reserve Officers come from varied professions and backgrounds yet all share outstanding character and unmatched dedication. Each Reserve Officer is willing to volunteer extra time to make our community a safer place to live.

What Do You Do In The Reserves?
Reserve Police Officers supplement regular Department personnel by performing the same duties as regular, full-time sworn police officers. You choose to work either in the field or at the station.

If you choose to work in the field, you will be able to assist police officers by:

  • Working the same beats;
  • Answering the same calls;
  • Writing the same citations;
  • Making the same arrests;
  • Shouldering the same responsibilities.

If you choose to work in the station, you will perform these kinds of assignments:

  • Report duties;
  • Communications duties
  • Detention duties.

Reserve Police Officers wear exactly the same uniforms as regular sworn police officers. Equipment and uniforms are provided by the police department with the exception of a sidearm and handcuffs.

When Do You Work?
As a Reserve Police Officer, you'll work a minimum of 16 hours each month, usually on Friday and Saturday nights when activity is highest and additional support is needed the most.

How Are You Trained?
Reserve Police Officers who are not already commissioned by the State of Texas attend a local police academy for state-required training. Your academy training costs will be paid by the City.

Following successful completion of police academy training and after passing the appropriate licensing exam, you'll receive field training from regular sworn police officers at the Richardson Police Department.

What Are The Requirements?
Reserve Police Officers must reside or be employed in or around Richardson and meet the same requirements regular police officers meet. You must:

  • Be a US citizen;
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a high school degree or GED with 60 hours college credit;
  • Have a vision correctable to 20/20; and
  • Have a valid Texas driver's license and an acceptable driving record.

In addition, Reserve Police Officers must complete the same annual qualifications and recurrent training required of regular sworn police officers, including:

  • Firearms;
  • A physical agility test;
  • Police driving techniques;
  • CPR training; and
  • Defense tactics training.

Note: As a Reserve Officer, you should be aware that City and County Court duties will often arise that can interfere with your other work commitments. Also, your conditional Reserve License will expire after four years if you have not completed the three required reserve courses in academy training and passed the state Police Officer Licensing Exam.

How Do You Apply?
Reserve Police Officer applicants must follow the same processing steps as regular sworn Police Officers:

  • Complete a City application
  • Pass a physical assessment;
  • Complete state-required polygraph, psychological and background investigations;
  • Pass an oral review board; and
  • Complete a medical examination.