Honor Guard

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Every 57 hours a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty. 

On average, 150 law enforcement officers are killed each year. 

This page is dedicated to the law enforcement officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving and protecting their community. 

The Richardson Police Honor Guard has been established to represent the Richardson Police Department, its officers and families at police funerals, parades and other ceremonial occasions. It is our intention to assist all officers and their families during their time of emotional duress from the loss or debilitating injury of their loved one.

The Honor Guard is a self-sufficient unit that trains together as a flexible and disciplined unit. The Honor Guard personifies professional decorum, respect, and strives toward perfection in presentation and display of The Colors of the City of Richardson, State of Texas, and The United States of America. The Department strives to have Honor Guard members present at the funeral services for any peace officer killed in the line-of-duty, throughout North Texas. Selected RPD Honor Guard members also represent the Department at yearly police memorial services in our state capitol in Austin.

History & Duties: 
After several years as a small group of volunteers, the Honor Guard was formally established in 1999 as a 16-member unit of the Special Operations Division. The 16 sworn officers are trained with specific functions to provide the Department with a Rifle Team, Casket Team, and Color Team. 

The Rifle Team is used in funerals and memorial ceremonies to provide the traditional “21 Gun” salute. The Color Team is used to post, present or display, according to protocol, the National, State, and/or City flag at a multitude of ceremonies, meetings, and events. The Casket Team carries the remains of fallen officers from the funeral home and church to the cemetery. The team also provides the casket watch during wakes and viewings.