9-1-1 Dispatch

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972-744-4801 (non-emergency dispatch)

9-1-1 (emergencies)

Now Hiring 9-1-1 Dispatchers 

For 50 years, the Public Safety Telecommunications Division of the Richardson Police Department has been answering a higher calling. Providing the vital link between citizens in trouble, emergency responders in the field, and other public safety agencies, ours is the first voice heard by a citizen calling for help. Twenty-four hours, day or night, weekend or holiday, we will be here to answer the call.

Our center is staffed by a dedicated group of professionals providing a wealth of knowledge gained by years of experience in the field. Each of our public safety telecommunicators is cross-trained to receive emergency and non-emergency requests for service and to dispatch police and fire personnel. In addition, each of our men and women are certified by the National Academy in Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD), providing us with the knowledge and skill to take callers through life saving techniques while emergency responders are en-route.

Know your location:
When you call 9-1-1, every second counts, yet every day people wait longer than needed for help because we don’t have accurate location information to provide to responders. In some cases, this delay can be life-threatening. A cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival decreases 7 to 10 percent for every minute that treatment is delayed.