Scooter Safety Tips

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Before operation read your owners manual for proper instruction. 
An approved Helmet is required at all times. Protective eye wear, sturdy shoes, 
knee, and elbow pads are suggested.
Check scooter before riding for hazards such as loose, broken, or cracked parts. . Ride within your own ability level.
12 years of age or older must have and carry a Richardson scooter permit.
Younger than 12 years of age may only ride on public sidewalks. 

Drive on the right side of the road or sidewalk.
You must obey all traffic laws. 
Crossing at crosswalks is preferred. 
Watch out for potholes, loose gravel, and other obstructions that may be in your path. 
Use of hand signals is always preferred, do not attempt to carry item while riding. 
Use both hands while riding. 
Riding at night is not recommended. 
If you ride at dusk/dark wear reflective clothing and have proper lighting on your scooter.