Crime Watch Patrol

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Crime Watch Patrols are an extension of the Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs.

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When a particular geographical area becomes involved in Crime Watch, the Crime Prevention Unit can designate a Crime Watch Patrol Area. A coordinator is established and area residents are then sought for patrol members. The patrol members then attend mandatory Crime Watch Patrol Training. Upon successful completion of the patrol training, area residents then volunteer their time and vehicles to patrol their neighborhoods and report all suspicious activities to the Police Department.

*Crime Watch Patrol members are prohibited from carrying any type of weapons while patrolling, including CHL holders that become members.  This program is to observe and report activity only. 

The City of Richardson supplies patrols with reflective vests and Crime Watch Patrol magnetic vehicle signs to increase the visibility of the patrol. 

In the Richardson Heights neighborhood, we initially saw an 83% decrease in residential burglaries. The Richardson Heights residents have been active since 1992. There are currently over 600 citizens actively participating in the Crime Watch Patrol program.

Active Patrol Areas:
Arapaho/Waterview Preservation
Breckinridge Park East (neighborhoods east of Breckinridge Park)
Breckinridge Park West (neighborhoods west of Breckinridge Park)
Canyon Creek
College Park/Town North Park II
Cottonwood Heights
Crowley Park
Duck Creek
Fairways of Sherrill Park
Glenville Park
Greenwood Hills
Heights Park
Highland Terrace
North College Park
J J Pearce
Reserve at Sharp Lake
Richardson Heights
Richland Park
University Estates North
Yale Park

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