How To Join: 
Complete the online application. We will contact you once approved and will enroll you in an upcoming crime awareness class. Upon completion you will receive the official Dog Walker Watch certificate for your pet and you will be a new partner in our fight against crime!

About The Program:
The Dog Walker Watch program is a perfect partnership for those of you that have pets and go for walks in your neighborhoods or apartment communities.

Dog Walker Watch is a crime awareness program that encourages our residents when they are out walking their dogs to be aware of what’s going on around them and to be the extra eyes and ears to help assist the Richardson Police Department with our ongoing community-policing efforts.

The idea behind the program is you know your neighborhoods best. You tend to know who lives around you and what they drive. You know what’s normal for your area.

The program trains you how to effectively observe and report suspicious activity as you’re out in your neighborhood.

Video About the program:

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