Secure Take Lock Program

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You provide a parking lot or garage as a courtesy or convenience to attract business customers or for residents or employees. Motorists frequently leave keys, laptops, purses, briefcases, and other valuables inside their parked vehicles in plain view. Criminals come onto your property to steal valuables from those vehicles. Do you have signs to remind parking patrons to "Secure" your belongings, "Take" your keys and "Lock" your car. 

The Richardson Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit believes in order to prevent crime, one must take action to remove or reduce the opportunity for crime to occur. The Secure, Take and Lock program is an on-going prevention initiative to remind the public NOT to invite crime by leaving keys or valuables in plain view inside their unattended vehicles. Property owners and managers can contribute to the reduction or prevention of crime by posting Secure, Take and Lock signs in prominent locations near or on their parking facilities.

The Richardson Police Department has received a donation of signs from State Farm Insurance and the Insurance Council of Texas.  These signs are available for Richardson businesses interested in posting them on their property.  Contact the Crime Prevention Unit for availability at 972-744-4955.