Crime Prevention For Senior Citizens

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Older Adults Program:
The Crime Prevention Unit’s Older Adults Program is designed to keep our loved ones informed about crimes perpetrated against the elderly. A Crime Prevention Officer, whether through informal chat sessions or formal presentations, provides regular crime updates and prevention programs to Senior Center patrons. Local churches, independent and assisted living facilities, and many civic organizations frequently invite a Crime Prevention Officer to regularly address their senior groups or residents on telemarketing fraud, common street scams, and personal safety. Prevention information also frequently appears in the pages of the Richardson Today.

"Safe Return" Program:
The Alzheimer’s Association sponsors a program for people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is not uncommon for those with memory impairment to wander away from home, or even from secure care facilities. Sometimes, a walk around the block can turn into a nightmare when the old neighborhood is no longer familiar to them and they become lost. Becoming disoriented during a simple driving errand can result in a wanderer driving for hours and miles. To further complicate matters, wanderers will sometimes solicit assistance or transportation from good Samaritans, who may not be aware of the mental impairment of the individual they believe they are helping. Needless to say, wanderers can suddenly find themselves all alone, far from home (sometimes in another state), and with no recollection of whom to contact for assistance. Over time, not only does the opportunity for criminal victimization become a concern, but also physical challenges, medical needs, and exposure to harsh elements can quickly become life threatening for the wanderer. “Safe Return” can help.

If you are a caretaker or relative of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, please consider the benefits of the “Safe Return” program. The presence of such a bracelet or necklace can assist any law enforcement agency or private citizen in the nation attempting to return a wanderer to his or her family. Give them every opportunity to be found and returned home safely. 

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