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The City of Richardson has suspended its “red light camera” photo enforcement program effective immediately. The suspension will last until such time that clarification can be provided by a district court judge who ruled a red light violator was not liable for the civil penalty issued after a photographed violation.

On June 27, 2016, the 134th Judicial District Court issued a final judgment granting declaratory relief to plaintiff Russell J. Bowman, holding that he is not liable for the civil penalty related to a photographic signal enforcement system notice of violation issued by the City of Richardson. The Court’s ruling did not address any of Bowman’s other claims regarding the legitimacy of Richardson’s photographic traffic signal enforcement system or those of other Texas cities.

While the City believes its photographic traffic signal enforcement system was operating as allowed by state law, the City is suspending its enforcement of the program until such time as the district court or an appeals court can provide clarification or a ruling on the legality of the red light camera program.

Anyone who has received a notice of violation related to Richardson’s red light camera program is still responsible for its payment.

Call 972-744-4886 for more information regarding suspension of the red light camera program or for information on a notice of violation sent from the City of Richardson.

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