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Email Alerts/Information:
To receive business related crime alerts, and communications from our Crime Prevention Unit, complete this email subscription form.  

The Business Crime Watch was created to obtain citizen involvement in discouraging and preventing business crime. The Business Crime Watch Program is a self help business community crime prevention program with the main objective of reducing crime and the opportunity for crime. The programs are not designed to substitute for police protection, rather they supplement police activities by providing extra eyes, ears, and caring. The program is people looking out for people and it is considered a major deterrent against crime.

Business Crime Watch operates to educate participants in the principles of deterrence, delay, and detection. The program depends on a communication network organized with three levels of participants: the tenants, business captains, and police officer. Reducing crime is the goal. It is a well publicized program of prevention and target hardening, coupled with citizen concern for the safety and security of the business neighborhood. 

Business Crime Watch Programs encourage neighbors to protect each other's lives and property by securing their own businesses and reporting suspicious circumstances to the police. 

Crime Watch programs are founded on vigilance, not violence. Their purpose is to assist duly authorized authority in maintaining security and surveillance, leaving enforcement to commissioned police.

Business Security Survey:
The Crime Prevention Unit offers a free Business Security Survey to evaluate your facility or location for improvements that can be made to help reduce your risk of becoming a target for criminal activity.

Business Video Crime Watch:
If your business or commercial property has video surveillance cameras, learn about our Business Video Crime Watch by -clicking- here.